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Every Case is Unique. Whether divorce, estate administration, personal injury or business formation and litigation, every case is different and each client is unique. While some clients aspire to resolve their issues amicably, others desire to aggressively litigate their case. Whatever your approach, we will work with you to tailor a custom strategy designed to achieve your legal objectives in the manner in which you are most comfortable. No matter the case, Mr. Nemer zealously advocates for each and every client.

Real World Solutions. The facts and circumstances of your case will dictate the strategy employed to achieve the desired outcome. Often the exhaustion of all available legal remedies does not equate to the most advantageous result – especially if your resources are limited. When necessary, Mr. Nemer aggressively litigates and tries cases, but he understands that not every client appreciates contentious litigation, and more importantly, knows that not every problem is best solved by significant monetary expense. Whether through trial or negotiated settlement, Mr. Nemer strives to ensure that every case is resolved in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Dependable Communication. Your issues are important and when you hire an attorney, you deserve access to that attorney. Mr. Nemer and his staff work diligently to serve as a dependable resource for their clients, actively communicating with them from case open to case close to ensure they can confidently make complicated, and often overwhelming, decisions.

Reasonable Fees. At Nemer Law LLC low overhead allows for manageable fees. Clients find that our straightforward, incremental approach to fees works to the mutual benefit of both client and attorney.

Nemer Law, LLC

Jacob R. Nemer
Nashville native Jacob “Jake” Nemer is a Nashville attorney proudly representing Middle Tennessee primarily in the areas of family law, probate and estate administration, personal injury and business law. After working as an associate attorney at a small Nashville family law and personal injury law firm, Mr. Nemer founded Nemer Law LLC in 2011 with the idea that clients deserve custom-tailored legal representation and better, more reliable communication with their attorney.